Saturday Night at All Asia Cafe, Cambridge, MA
11/12/2005    previous show   next show

After two months of learning Police covers for Halloween it was *very* refreshing to come back to a set of mostly original songs! The whole night was a success... all the bands were great and both bands and audience had a blast.

Three nouns would definitely like to thank Christie Leigh, Breaking Laces, and James O'Brien for making this such a great night.

This is what you would have seen, had you been there (the blurry factor is supposed to capture the feel of someone who is moderately drunk):

And here is what you would have heard, had you been there:
Aloe and Lanolin
Synchronicity II
Too Hot (When I Ride)
I've Come Undone
The Safety Dance
Fine Day
Second Guess
I Mean What I Say
Known Better