Emergenza Festival Elimination Round, Middle East Upstairs
12/08/2005    previous show   next show

Emergenza went surprisingly well. After getting shafted with the 12:30 on a Thursday slot we were pretty much set to have a "live practice" with one or two audience members. We were ok with it, and as the midnight hour approached we were getting pumped up to have a good time no matter what.

When we finally played there were actually still a bunch of very supportive people lingering around, and we ended up having a really fun show. We even got nine votes after our set... not enough to move onto the quarter-finals, but definitely enough to make us feel good about rocking out for a roomful of people we didn't know!

The official Emergenza reviewer had this to say:
"Closing the night was Three Nouns. They struck me as a poppy version of Sonic Youth without all the feedback, and a better sense of humor."