Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA
12/15/2005    previous show   next show

Post Meridian Records first event was a smashing success! All of the performers were great and the crowd as energetic and supportive right up to the last.

Logan 5 and the Runners had an outstanding first show, Middle Distance Runner came all the way up for Washington, DC, and showed Cambridge how to rock again, and Joshe Henry just about freaked everybody out!

Here's a picture of Two Nouns and One Canary:

And here's a picture of the whole band:

And HERE... is a picture that Nick should have been in:

Finally, this is a picture mostly of our new stickers:

And last but not least... our set list:
Fine Day
All Day And All Of The Night
The Longest Test Drive
The Girl With The Cookies
I Mean What I Say
I've Come Undone
Teen Angst
Known Better