Nick Arcolano
Nick is best described as a good-natured cynic who loves Indian food. He views drumming as the search for order in a world gone mad, as well as a natural extension of his love of counting to four.

Andrew Forcier
Bass Guitar
Andrew is another in the long line of failed guitarists who have become bassists. The lone native Mass resident of the band, Andrew hails from what those in Boston call "the 413". When not watching movies in a near obsessive fashion, Andrew can be found sorting through the hundreds or so LPs he inherited from his father's collection. Edith Piaf rocks!!!

Bill Hewett
Guitar, Vocals
Nick and Andrew stole Bill's bio. He also likes Indian food. He is also a failed guitar player who became a bass player (though he ultimately moved back to guitar). His only point of individuality in Three Nouns is that he can't stand Edith Piaf.